The birth of online HathaGo

In March 2020 a few days before lockdown took effect, I decided to move up to Cheshire and stay with my Mum. I immediately set about contacting my private clients old and new plus my contacts and inviting them to try online training.

I was moved by the way they embraced this change of thinking and found I could be super flexible with the timings plus their usual hour at home was switched to two weekly sessions of 35 minutes each. Some also chose to see me every other day.

With uncertainty still abound and some restrictions still in place, online training is very much a great way to improve your fitness and wellbeing. No equipment necessary and you only need space to lay down a yoga-style mat; for a full workout.

Born out of lockdown also are my two weekly Zoom classes, both very different from one another!

Every week at 9.30am is Strong Saturday for 40 minutes. I choose a different subject and whilst we work out together I am giving you interesting facts plus explaining why we are exercising the way we are - to get better and safer results! The topics so far have included:

Fat burning - what heart rate zone to be in and how to measure it without a monitor

HIIT - what it means, fun ways to do it

STRONGA - my own sequence of exercises put together to target different muscle groups. Find out why it is spelt with a ‘ga’ at the end

The heart - how to keep it healthy and get it pumping

Abs and Arms - getting toned and ready for summer

These classes take place live on Zoom and I follow up with a recording of the class in case you missed it or want to go through it again. Plus I send follow up notes that cover all the facts from the class and extra articles.

Find out more about my Online offering here