Why Choose HathaGo?

Train with me, Mary – owner of HathaGo, for your whole wellness journey. As an intro to me, here is a short video showing stretches to do when you have a tight lower back.

Look what other services I can offer you, or feel free to present me with a brand new challenge to help you with!

I understand how stressful life can be and the pressure we constantly feel to do more whilst trying to look and feel good.

That is why when you train with me we look at your whole lifestyle and come up with a programme that best fits you.

2023 Upate

I am currently helping customers at their home in Valencia, Spain whilst working online with all my London clients. Online means worldwide so if you have never tried or considered online training please get in touch to book a free, no-obligation session. It offers a lot more flexibility in terms of timing as sessions can be made shorter to accommodate busy schedules. Please Whatsapp me now to chat: +34 649370358

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