Zoom Classes Continue into 2024!

Created in the first lockdown of 2020, my Zoom classes are heading into their fourth successful year.

All three of my classes are very different, offering your body the opportunity to stretch, flow and use weights.

I personally find live classes very intimidating, and I do this for a living! So, if you are like me or you’d prefer to build up your yoga knowledge at home first before trying a live class then these Zoom classes are for you. All very reasonably priced too. £22 for 4 or £6.25 PAYG.

My first ever class Yin and Tonic started as soon as I reached my Mum’s house in Cheshire to lockdown with her in March 2020. I went through my contacts and sent a message saying ‘hey, fancy doing some online yoga?’ With a strong response of around 20 I scheduled the first class for the following Monday from 5.30pm-6.30pm

Yin and Tonic, although not an original name relates to the fact the majority of the class will be yin-style poses but with the added addition of a ‘tonic’ ie foot massages, ball release, light flow work, ankle mobility.

As a thank you for the Yin and Tonic support, a month later I added a free bonus class called Strong Saturday. 40 minutes of cardio and weights (or cans at the beginning for those with no dumbbells.) The response from that was ‘I would happily pay for this class, it’s great!’ Your wish is my command and I still to this day charge the same amount of £16 for 4 classes or £4.95 PAYG. The class runs every Saturday from 9.30am-10:00am

HathaGo Flow is into it’s second year. It is my own twist on yoga moves and halfway though you can add small dumbbells or cans if you wish. We always finish with floor work for the core and abs.

Wednesdays 6.20pm-7pm £24 for 4 or £6.95 PAYG

  • Will suit all ages and abilities (Saturday ages range from 29-73)
  • Turn your cameral off or on -whichever is more comfortable for you.
  • You always receive a recording after the class in case you missed the live