Having worked in the corporate world for over ten years, I understand the many challenges you are facing. Long hours sat at a desk can change a person’s body shape, have impact on your mental health and cause niggling aches and pains.

It’s true that working from home offers better mental wellbeing, but different challenges show themselves with the desk set-up and long hours sitting down. During lockdown I trained to become a breath coach and delivered lunchtime yoga classes to a company’s team working from home.

Delivered online or in person, at your firm’s convenience.

Examples of what I can offer:

  • Breathing workshops – learn how to calm and open the mind again
  • Stretches to do at your desk to counteract postural problems
  • A presentation on understanding stress and how to manage it
  • A lunchtime yoga class to energise you for the afternoon
  • Postural advice and correction

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Corporate Packages

Please get in touch with me to set up a telephone/video consultation to discuss the individual requirements for your business.

Corporate Services

Postural Advice and Correction

  • This can take the form of an active (fitness) class or presentation
  • Advice on desk exercises to counteract postural problems
  • How to be pain-free whilst at work
  • Can be incorporated into a stress presentation
  • Practical participation to engage the audience
  • Questions and answers section

Stress Management Presentation

  • PowerPoint presentation via Zoom or in person
  • Learn how to recognise unhelpful stress and manage it
  • Noticing good stress!
  • Up to one hour long 
  • Practical participation to engage the audience
  • Questions and answers section

Breathing Workshops

  • The science behind how we breathe
  • How different breathing rates affect our body and mind
  • Simple breathing ‘tools’ to become more productive
  • Learn how to feel instantly calmer
  • Breathing for everyday wellness 

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Happy Corporate Clients

"Thank you for the presentation today. We have received very positive feedback from our colleagues as they really enjoyed it. It certainly sparked a number of conversations after the presentation related to the topic"
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